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Best Mankirt Aulakh Songs List

Mankirt Aulakh is a young and one of the famous Punjabi vocalist and lyricist in Pollywood. He began his profession in Punjabi music as a playback artist. He got well known on the web from his presentation tune 'Jugaadi Jatt' which earned 20 million perspectives till date. After this melody, he returns with another most mainstream tune of him with model Himanshi Khurana 'Gallan Mithiyan' which has 16.6 million perspectives till date. These days Mankirt total assets expanding day by day constantly. He was born on 2 October in Fatehabad, Haryana, India and he is right now living in Mumbai. He was very obsessive about singing since his adolescence days. His dad constantly bolstered him for his singing vocation. He gives all credit whatever he is today to his dad. 

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Here is the full list of Mankirt Aulakh most famous video songs.

1. Jugaadi Jatt Song

This is one of the Mankirt Aulakh hit songs and this is the track which gave him the recognition and made him famous.
It is one of the most popular songs of him which received 20 million views and most importantly the track made him one of the popular star of Punjab.

2. Kadar Song

It is one of the Mankirt Aulakh Best Songs. This is the Harmonious track and Most Viewed song of him with 38 Million views and the melody has 128k likes on it and only 9k dislikes which also means it was received well by the audience(people). Watch Kadar Mankirt Aulakh video.

3. Gallan Mithiyan Song

He came with a different type of track in 2015 which made his fan base increase immensely. Gallan Mithiyan Mankirt Aulakh Video is one of the best music videos.
It also featured model Himanshi Khurana and Parmish Verma who has made this Concept, Screenplay and did the Direction. This Track will make you feel to be with someone special and share the loving moment with them.It is one of the Mankirt Aulakh popular songs.

4. Choorhey Wali Bahh Song

Those girls who want to marry their partners this melody is for you all and the track is also well written and it is also directed by Parmish Verma. The Video is so well directed you should watch it here once to see the beauty of this melody. Love every scene of this music video. Watch Choorey Wali Bahh Mankirt Aulakh Video song.

5. Kuwari Song

One of the Melodious track by him and let just the music do the talking and spread its magic. So, hear it once and do let us know about your views. This video song is so beautiful and shows the selfless love of the girl. I must admit that videos of Mankirt Aulakh all songs are so well directed and great that one can't get enough of it and keep on watching it on repeat. watch Kuwari Mankirt Aulakh Video song.

6. Charda Siyaal Song

Wonderful track with Wonderful lyrics and Great video. This track is like a complete package and the melody is the love theme. It also features Himanshi Khurana in this video song too. Watch Charda Siyaal Video.

7. Jatt Da Blood

One of my favorite video track once again directed by Parmish Verma and the melody is energetic which makes people groove on this number. One of the top Mankirt Aulakh songs. Loved the track hear it. This is the most famous video of him with Parmish Verma. They acted brilliantly. Watch Jatt Da Blood Mankirt Aulakh Video Song.

8. Kaka Ji Song

Jail is one of the oldest track of Mankirt Aulakh and still it is one of the best melodies from him. It is like an old wine which tastes better and better. Catchy lyrics and Amazing track . Watch Kaka Ji Mankirt Aulakh video song.

9. Tere Bina Song

This one is also an old tune and it is not that type of track which you will listen and gonna like it straight away, but after hearing it 3-4 times the song got into my mind and it is so beautiful and peaceful song although it is a sad melody still it's so peaceful, you guys gonna love this track. And that is why I think this melody should be on this list.Watch Mankirt Aulakh Tere Bina Video.

10. Chandigarh Song

This Mellifluous Track is from the Punjabi movie Main Teri Tu Mera. This melody has a dynamic vibe in it. It will make you dance and groove on the beats and on music. Watch Chandigarh Mankirt Aulakh official video here.

11. Munda Guggu Gill Varga

Catchy track by him and a very different type of melody sung by him which we don't often see. This is an audio track of the song and there was no video for it. It also has an old Punjabi song vibe too. This was an old track and one of the best Mankirt Aulakh songs.

12. Harley 7 lakh da

It is Mankirt Aulakh mp3 song as this melody has no video. But still, you can hear this track here. It is a very good soundtrack with a good music too. It has become one of the best among all Mankirt Aulakh songs.

13. Putt Pardesiya Song

The track is melodious and It has lyrics in this lyrical video listen to the track. This melody is underrated but here you can listen to it and enjoy the beauty of the songs and lyrics. Hear Putt Pardesiya Mankirt Aulakh song.