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Best Ninja Punjabi Songs

Ninja is a Punjabi singer and he is an outstanding Punjabi vocalist and lyricist. He has taken the spot in the hearts of people with his splendid singing abilities. He has sung numerous radiant and popular melodies. He came into the spotlight with his magnificent melody "Pindaan Wale Jatt" which was highly appreciated by the youth. This superb melody was produced by Sandeep Awana and Sudhir Malik. He is one of the famous Punjabi singers. He came up with his album "Evergreen" in 2015 which was highly appreciated by the audience.

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These are the Popular Ninja Punjabi songs, Watch it and listen Ninja's all songs here:

1. Aadat Punjabi Song

This Punjabi Single track came in 2015, the song is so melodious and one of the magnificent top Ninja track. It has received 26+ million views till date and counting.
Aadat Ninja video song:

2. Dil Punjabi Song

Valentines special song Dil by Ninja for all the lovers. This track came in 2016 and it has garnered 16+ million views. Marvelous Track and its one of the Popular song of Ninja.
Dil Ninja song video:

3. Tere Naam by Ninja

It's the audio of this wonderful track and the song is so beautifully sung by him. For me, the track is one of the best ever Ninja Song produced. Tera Naam Ninja is one of my favorite track.
Tere Naam Video Song:

4. Pindaan Wale Jatt By Ninja

The track by which Ninja came into the spotlight and was highly appreciated by the youth. It is a bhangra song by him.
watch Pinda Wale Jatt Ninja video here:

5. Thokda Reha Ninja

He became more popular with this single track, the song is incredible and received the positive response from the people.The melody verses are really wonderful and need hats off to the writer of the song for such a splendid composition.
Ninja Thokda Reha Video:

6. Evergreen by Ninja

He came up with his first ever Punjabi album Evergreen in dec. 2015 and the album was an instant hit. This is the Title track of the album. Listen to this amazing melody here.
Evergreen Ninja audio song:

7. Teri Bhabhi Hai By Ninja

He collaborated with JSL Singh in 2016 for Punjabi 9X Tashan channel. Quite a different track, so listen to it and let me know about your views in the comment section.
Teri Bhabhi Hai Ninja video song :

8. Oh Kyu Ni Jaan Ske 2016

On Dec. 12, He produced a new gem with goldboy and his best ever song on Youtube with 29+ million views and still counting. This is a top class track with some amazing performances in the videos.
Ninja Oh Kyu Ni Jaan Ske video:

9. Gal Jattan Wali Ninja

Dynamic Track by him with again great performances. Superb Lyrics with the amazing voice of him which makes it a must watch video.
Ninja Gal Jattan Wali Video:

10. Viah by Ninja

He sang a song for the movie Once Upon A Time In Amritsar. He came up with this track and it's the official video watch it. This melody is so soothing and magnificent.
Viah Ninja Video Here:

11. Athra Subah by Ninja

Latest Song of Ninja released on 13 March 2017.This is Fiery Track and it is amazingly sung by him but the video is not up to the mark and in my opinion there wasn't any story but the overall video is good. You can watch it once.
Ninja New Song video watch it here:

12. Insta(ID Te Mittar) Ninja

This is an Audio track and one of the best Ninja Songs. It's my personal favorite melody of him because of the lyrics. You can listen to this song and tell us about your views too.
Insta By Ninja audio song:

13. License by Ninja

He collaborated with the famous music director and writer Parmish Verma. He has directed many Ninja songs and this is one of them. Performances are good in this song but video sometimes looks funny but the song is Fiery. It is one of the Ninja hit songs.
License Ninja Video Song:

14. Nakhra By Ninja

One of the best ;)
Lyrics are wonderfully written and sung beautifully by him.
Nakhra Ninja Full Song Audio :

15. Boliyan By Ninja

It is for those people who loves boliyan and folk song vibe in a track. So enthralling can't get enough of it. Listen to it and feel the awesomeness of this melody.
Boliyan Ninja mp3 Audio song:

16. Flying Car By Ninja

The music of this tune is so amazing catchy grabby. The video is good, lyrics are good but the way he sang this track makes his way on my list.
Flying Car Ninja Video Song:

17. Jattan Da Putt Mada Ho Gya By Ninja

This Song has 4.6+ million views and counting and the melody is so perfect and the video concept is so different. For me, it is one of the top songs of Ninja.
Jattan Da Putt Mada Ho Gya Ninja Video Song:

18. Desi DaRecard Ninja

One of the songs from the album Evergreen and the video is very entertaining. The track is amazing and has bhangra vibe too. It is one of the top Ninja songs of all time.
Desi DaRecard Ninja Video Song:

19. Black Money By Ninja

The track is in mp3 format and it released on when Note Bandi was announced by PM of India. The melody is well about the girl :P still the track is Wonderful.
Black Money Ninja Audio Song:

20. Zamaana Song By Ninja

Those who are seeking motivation can listen to this track. :P
Melody is powerful with amazing lyrics.
Zamaana Ninja Audio Song: