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Top 10 Popular Songs of Tarsem Jassar

Tarsem Jassar is a Punjabi vocalist, lyricist, and producer. He initially began his profession with composing an album "Vehli Janta" in 2012. He turned into a vocalist with his first song Attwadi Ft Kulbir Jhinjer. He likewise claims an organization named vehli janta records. Jassar did his graduation with Kulbir Jhinjer from Mata Gujri College, Sri Fatehgarh sahib.Interesting truth about him is that he never offers his Songs. He works widely with the trio Ammy Virk, Kulbir Jhinjer and Hardeep Grewal.He turned out to be more well known for his songs Galwakdi and Asool.

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List of Tarsem Jassar Songs:

1. Galwakdi Song

One of the best and most popular Tarsem Jassar song. He gained popularity with this track and after that, he released so many hit songs. Almost every Track is a hit track of Tarsem Jassar. 
Watch Galwakdi video Song 

2. Asool Punjabi song

After Galwakdi, This melody came out and received a positive response from the people. This track has an amazing video which is based on a real incident and also has a strong message which makes this video breathtaking. So, this track is my favorite and it is one of the Tarsem Jassar hit songs. It is from the album "Illuminati by Tarsem".
Watch Asool video Song :

3. Creez Song

Personally, the lyrics and video of this melody is so impactful and delivers a strong message too.
It is also from the album "Illuminati". The Track is powerful and for me its one of the top Tarsem Jassar songs of all time.
Watch Creez Punjabi video Song

4. Tere Bajhon Song

This is the Tarsem Jassar new song and it is from the movie Rabb Da Radio which is the debut movie of him. And to be honest this song is on my playlist and I just can't get enough of this melody. So impactful and the power it needs to sing is what keeps this track alive for me. You guys are gonna like this one for sure because of the lyrics, the music, and the voice. 
Watch Tere Bajhon Video Song:

5. Aunda Sardar Song

The track is astonishing and the video is amazing but the ending is a little bit confusing at first but after watching it repeatedly you can get what happened and its one of the Tarsem Jassar's best songs. This is the single track released in 2016 under the label Vehli Janta. Lyrics are stunning and astounding of this melody.
Watch Aunda Sardar Video:

6. Over Under Song

This Track is from the album Illuminati and one of the remarkable songs by him. The melody doesn't have video but its the mp3 audio of that song. Song lyrics are phenomenal and amazingly written.
Listen Over Under Punjabi Video Song:

7. Kundi Muchh Song

It is from the album "Illuminati" and most of his melodies are very popular of this album. It was the debut album of Tarsem Jassar and we can say that it was one of the best album after a long period of time. Listen to one of Tarsem Jassar's Greatest Song.
Listen Kundi Muchh Video Song:

8. Bas Yaara Lai Song

Spectacular song lyrics and written on the friendship. One should never forget the friendship ever which highlights this track. Listen to this wonderful melody from the album "Illuminati", again. :P
Audio Track of Bas Yaara Lai Song:

9. Sardara Song

It has over 4 million views on youtube and it is from the debut movie of him "Rabb Da Radio".
It has bhangra in it performed by Simi Chahal and Mandy Takhar. One of the greatest and best song for Bhangra by Tarsem Jassar. Love the video and Music is great.
It's Tarsem Jassar New Song of 2017
Watch Sardara Video Song:

10. Rehmat Song

It is also from the movie Rabb Da Radio and it is my least favorite melody of him in the movie but still, the track is good after listening to it so many times now, I like this track. Lyrics are so astonishing and wonderfully written. And it also has a great Video too.
Watch Tarsem Jassar Rehmat Video Song: