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All Popular Songs of Happy Raikoti

Happy Raikoti is a Punjabi Singer(vocalist) and Lyricist. He is best known for his verses in numerous Punjabi melodies. He became popular with his song "Jaan" in 2014. His album "7 Knaalan" released in 2015, which gave him much more recognition.Now he also produces his own music and these are my favorite songs of him. He has written lyrics of so many songs and I just can't pick one melody because all tracks have astonishing lyrics. He is one of the best lyricists in Punjabi music Industry right now. From a small artist to write songs for superstars and then producing his own album, he's evolved immensely.

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This is the Happy Raikoti Songs List

1. Munda Ambarsariya

This track is from the movie Once Upon A Time In Amritsar which is sung by him and believe me this melody is a pure gem and melodious, you will feel the emotions and at the end, you all will be going to love it more and more.This is One of the Happy Raikoti best songs of all time. A pure Love track by him. See Munda Ambarsariya video:

2. Main Tan Vi Pyar Karda

One of Happy Raikoti hit songs and this single track came in 2016 in which he collaborated with Milind Gaba for the very first time and they produced a beautiful song with an amazing video. Milind Gaba gave his music to this melody. Lyrics are well written and the emotion it showed in the video was amazing.

3. Jaan

The first track of him with which he got the recognition and become popular. It has 15 million views right now and still counting.One of Happy Raikoti popular songs. When I first heard this melody with the video, I was so intrigued to see the concept of the video at that time. The melody is so overwhelming that I couldn't stop listening to it. Love this melody of him.

4. Shad K Nai Gai

One of my most favorite melody of him from the movie "TESHAN". One of the best sad songs lyrics were ever written. I just love this track and to be honest I like every single melody of him. Do listen to Shad K Nai Gai and let me know about your views in the comment box.

5. Kudi Mardi Aa Tere Te

One of the Happy Raikoti top songs and He came up with a romantic song in 2015 and delivered a yet another hit melody. It has an unusual pairing in the video and to see it watch Kudi Mardi aa Tere Te video and you will get to know the love and pain in the voice of him.

6. Mutiyaar

Latest Happy Raikoti video song which is so Beautiful with beautiful lyrics. If you are a fan of him then don't miss this Happy Raikoti new song and its video. Personally, the video, the lyrics, and the track are so amazing and amazingly blended with each other. If you watch Mutiyaar video then you will get the vibe to love someone or your closer one whom you actually love:

7. Jaan Ton Pyara

Melodious track of Him from the Punjabi movie Ardaas. He gave his voice for a Punjabi movie featuring one of the biggest Punjabi star Ammy Virk. Without this track the Happy Raikoti songs list was incomplete. Jaan to pyara video is so perfectly placed track in the movie and its lyrics are so meaningful which added more emotion to this melody.

8. Naina

I Love this melody and He has so soothing voice on this track. It is from the Punjabi movie Dulla Bhatti featuring one of the Best actor Binnu Dhillon. Naina tune is so mesmerizing and till date, it's one of my favorite track of him. In my opinion, it's one of the top Happy Raikoti songs.

9. Bahan De Vich Chooda

If you want to hear a pure melody then this track is for you and this Track is from the movie Darra. This melody has one of the best love melody lyrics. 
Bahan de vich chooda video is so mesmerizing and adorable you will feel the love in this Punjabi video song.

10. Bolane Di Lodd Nahin

Most appreciated and superhit movie Nikka Zaildar in which He sang one song, just listen to it and see the beauty of the track and video. Ammy Virk is in the movie with Sonam Bajwa as the lead actress. One of the most critically acclaimed movie. He sang so beautifully and effortlessly which made this melody great and video added another element which is the ingredient of making a hit.

11. 7 Knaalan

In 2015, He came up with his album called "7 Knaalan" and the title track "7 Knaalan" received plenty of accolades from the people. It is one of the greatest melodies of him and it is one of the Happy Raikoti popular songs.

12. Wakh

One more melodious track by him from the movie Dulla Bhatti. Wakh is a good and one of the loveliest track by him. One of the Popular Happy Raikoti songs of the movie Dulla Bhatti and it's a very different track with great performances.

13. Shagna Di Tyari

This is Happy Raikoti single track and melody is for the single guys. Don't worry you'll find a girl too. :P
Love this Tune. Wonderful video and if he is singing then it means the lyrics will be top notch. It is one of the best melody from Happy Raikoti all songs that you'll like to hear.

14.  Chadd Gai Oye

This is sad and a folk Song from him. It is from the movie lock featuring one of the Biggest Superstar of Punjabi Industry "Gippy Grewal". He gave his voice for the movie Lock. He produced Chadd Gai Oye and the melody is so terrific and I would recommend you all to listen to this melodious track. 

15. Anna Zor

2015 Song "Anna Zor" the tune is amazing and best of old Happy Raikoti Songs. Rarely we see him singing like this and the track is Fast paced. The story is good but some scenes of the video look tacky and weird but nonetheless, the song is amazing and the story is good as I have written earlier. All Happy Raikoti songs are magnificent and this comes in the must watch category.